Game pre-registration in east Asia

In Asian countries, for example Japan, Korea, “pre-registration” is a very important part in the whole marketing plan. Prior to the launching, the developer would publish information about the upcoming game, such as its type, story, release date, so that players who are interested may immediately register for the game. Once the game is released, these players will be the first to be notified via email, sms or push notification, and they may redeem their “pre-registration gift packs” to enjoy the game. A high number of pre-registration often means a game will be able to have a large group of high value players in a very short time after launching.

Benefits for players

Every year there are hundreds of thousands of new games being released to the market and it’s not easy for players to know exactly when the games that they like will be launched, unless they spend a lot of time reading information from various sources. By pre-registering, they may not only get to know the launching dates, they’ll be getting exclusive packages to be used in the game as well!

Benefits for game developers

The popularity of pre-registration may reflect how well the game will be received upon its launch, and also, these players are tend to be more loyal as they sign up to the game because of genuine interest, they’re also likely to have higher retention rate & life-time value, not to mention that a high number of pre-registration helps greatly for the game to have a good ranking in app stores in the very first days.


by Yan Guo, Social Media Manager at Reality Games.