History & Achievments

2019 – Team size 45 people

New Game launch

New Game launch

2018 – Team has increase to 40 people

Landlord achieves 8 mln of users

Donut Trumpet achieves 4 mln of users

We launch Weather Challenge

We launch MVP of BIG DOTS at GDC in San Francisco

2017 – Team size 25 people

We bought out our initial investors, they have received 11x ROI

Donut Trumpet reaches 2 mln of users

Landlord achieves 5 mln of users

2016 – Team size 15 people

Landlord achieves 1 million of users in 6 weeks and revenue grows 10% week

We get People Choice Award at Games Connection San Francisco

We are runners up at biggest startup contest in CEE – Infoshare

We get export passport from President of Poland

We get special prize from Minister of Economy for fastest growing startup in Poland

Landlord achieves 3 mln of users and no 3 rank in overall (all apps in games in Portugal and Hungary)

We launch Donut Trumpet Tycoon

Donut Trumpet Tycoon reaches no 1 rank in Strategy Games in US

2015 – Team size 2 people

We start acceleration program at Oxygen Accelerator at Google Campus London

Oxygen Accelerator is one of Europe’s most established tech accelerators. We had an intensive 13 week programme which has ended with Demo Day. We got investment, a collaborative environment, peers that are where hungry and hard-working as us. We had an access to close-knit network of startups, mentors, investors and trusted advisors.

We launch MVP of Landlord Real Estate Tycoon on iOS

Landlord slowly gets a traction of 100 downloads and $100 revenue / day We launch Landlord with 50 country localizations and Android

We won Startup Weekend Krakow

The Krakow edition of Startup Weekend started at 5:00PM on Friday evening. Over 400 people of different abilities showed up – programmers, marketers, experienced start-up founders and designers among them. The main aim of Startup Weekend is to motivate young people to start their own projects and to validate their ideas in the span of a weekend. But once you’re there you realize that Startup Weekend is something more than that. It is a two-day long addictive meeting of young enthusiasts, talented people and experienced mentors that everyone leaves as a better expert or better entrepreneur.



game in

Game Inn

EU Support

We run a project co-financed from European Funds, titled as “Big Data Game Content Engine”. It is a service for developers that allows the use of Big Data as a content for creating games. The project is implemented as part of a grant from the National Center for Research and Development.

Go to brand

Go to brand

EU Support

We participate in the “Go To Brand” program to promote our product brands on foreign markets.

Ukie Member

Ukie Member

UK Support

We are a member of UK Interactive Entertainment – a trade body, with over 350 games businesses, from large format holders and some the UK’s biggest developers to promising start-ups and rising stars of the UK’s games sector.

South Poland Cleantech Cluster


We are a member of the South Poland Cleantech Cluster – an organization uniting cleantech companies, scientific and research institutions, public entities and non-governmental organizations.