Landlord GO Hits 500k beta testers


Reality Games is proud to announce that their newest geolocation-based strategy game Landlord GO has reached 500,000 beta testers prior to its global launch on July 16th. The game’s beta version is currently available in the App Store and Google Play.

Watch the game announcement trailer here 


The newest game from the London-based studio has surpassed the milestone after being soft-launched in Poland, the United Kingdom and Vietnam, while players from other countries were able to enjoy the game by playing its beta version.


Landlord GO is the first augmented reality game to incorporate elements of a business simulator and a property trading game. Combining the two genres with the best aspects of clicker games and launching it into augmented reality, allowing players to purchase virtual representations of their local buildings and turn them into a real-estate empire.


“We’re extremely proud of the initial response to Landlord GO as well as very thankful to the half a million people who have decided to join us in perfecting the game.” said Krzysztof Szaton, Producer at Reality Games “We have received heaps of both constructive and positive feedback, and we’re incredibly excited for the whole world to see the full version on July 16th.”

Reality Games now looks forward to building a booming community of traders and virtual real estate moguls, courtesy of the game’s marketplace mechanics.


Landlord GO launches July 16th on the App Store and Google Play.