Landlord GO is Live!

Reality Games has announced that their newest game Landlord GO has gone live with its official global launch on July 16th. After extremely successful beta tests which have attracted over 500 thousand users, along with impressive soft launches in the UK, Poland and Vietnam, the first-in-class business simulator using real-life properties from around the world has continued its successes upon global launch.

“We are very proud of the initial response from our community coming from our beta tests, as well as soft launches. We’ve received some amazing feedback, and we’re confident that we can now build one of the best mobile game communities out there.” said Krzysztof Szaton, producer at Reality Games “Our unique trading mechanics combined with the GPS-based location features proved to be a great way to encourage growth in our community. We’ve seen players from all around the world trading their way to the top during the beta and meeting new people while doing so. We’re very excited to see how the community grows along with our full launch.”


Combining the best aspects of idle games with business and trading games, Landlord GO allows players to invest in properties from their real-life neighborhood. This includes everything from corner stores to famous landmarks.


Reality Games is a UK-based game developer with offices in Poland and China focusing on games using live, real-world data to create a new genre of addictive mobile games. Their previous games include the extremely successful Landlord Real Estate Tycoon which garnered over 10 million organic players since launch, as well as Donut Trumpet Tycoon, a popular, more satiric take on the genre.


With Landlord GO’s release, Reality Games hopes to reach a total of 50,000,000 aggregate players over the next 18 months with their genre-bending mechanics and unique, one of a kind gameplay.


“We’re really proud that instead of entering a niche, we’ve carved one for ourselves,” said Grzegorz Flor, game economy designer. “Landlord GO’s release marks another milestone on our road of creating a brand new genre of geolocation-based games. The success of Landlord Real Estate Tycoon, along with the great feedback we’ve received on our newest game make us confident that we’re well on our way towards achieving this goal.”


Landlord GO is available now on the App Store and Google Play.