Landlord GO Technology Explainer Video

UK-based developer reality game has released a video explaining the technology used by their newest game Landlord GO in order to transform real-life data into a strategy game sensation. Watch the video below:

Reality Games’ unique take on business simulators is made even more interesting by the technologies used within. Real-life metrics from traffic all the way to air pollution influence the prices of virtual real estate in Landlord GO, allowing players to sink their teeth into a realistic approximation of their neighbourhoods through the game’s GPS functions.

Landlord GO is the first augmented reality game to incorporate elements of a business simulator and a property trading game. Combining the two genres with the best aspects of clicker games and launching it into augmented reality, allowing players to purchase virtual representations of their local buildings and turn them into a real-estate empire.

With the game reaching 500,000 beta testers prior to its global launch on July 16th, Reality Games is looking forward to building a booming community of traders and virtual estate moguls courtesy of the Landlord GO’s unique marketplace mechanics.

Landlord GO launches July 16th on The App Store and Google Play.