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Project structure

Basically, we run three types of projects. We are eager to develop completely new solutions that have a chance to work. We give ourselves six months to produce a working version of the product with the explicit purpose of getting feedback on it. If the interest is satisfactory, we develop the project, gathering more specialists around it. We increase its quality and care for sustainable development. We introduce new functionalities, and the specialists with experience are watching over their implementation. We also have projects that thrive and do not necessarily require changes. They have little needed, all they need is basically just to be maintained.

MVP Project

6 months
MVP Project

In such small teams, we create projects from scratch. We try to move from the prototype phase to realization as soon as possible. It is about creating the simplest game / modern platform that would “work” and interest a wide audience. Working in such a team requires excellent communication and willingness for changes. And the best working model for this kind of project is crunching.

Game Project

6-24 months

Projects that have been successful and bring us real benefits, that gained a wide group of both supporters and the right audience are developed in larger teams. Here, we focus primarily on quality. The number of changes is not alarming, but each of them must be well thought out, because it can cause serious consequences. Work in such a team is therefore responsible and focused on concrete results.

Operational Project

6-24 months
Operational Project

These projects live their own lives, have enough recipients to be able to stay on the market. They do not require a large team or a significant amount of work. We introduce small corrections in them and sometimes we add new functionalities, here it is not so much about quality, only about data. Updates are introduced on average once every two weeks.

Recruitments FAQs


Tell us about yourself - show your CV, portfolio, tell about projects you have worked on before and about the direction in which you would like to develop. Maybe we can find common points and we will create a successful team together.

Open Day Tour

Come to our office! We will guide you and tell you about the products we are currently working on. You will see our place of work and you will learn how we organize our tasks. The right space for work is important to us.

1st interview with team

Let’s talk about your experience, expectations and solve some real-life cases. Have a longer conversation with your future team. Check with whom and what you will work on, learn more about specific responsibilities.

2nd interview with CEO

A quick chat with our CEO to get to know each other even better before we start working together. Get to know the company's short history and plans for the future, so that you understand well what will you participate in.

Few steps to achieve your dream job

You will find here the information about open positions. If your candidacy matches any of them, please send your CV. Send it, however, if you see the possibility of cooperation with us in any different scope. Send us more information about what you would like to do for us, and we will try to find a place for you. We are always open to new solutions and general development.