Landlord is one of the most popular economic strategy games available on Google Play and the App Store. Similar as a Monopoly-Game, but based on an extended reality system, it allows you to buy and sell real life properties and earn rent every time someone leaves a digital footprint in your real estate. With the geolocalisation system, the game triumphs over the best economic games on pc, because it creates your gameplay based on the area you’re currently visiting and the starting point will be different for most of the players. This system creates a unique, characteristic gameplay among economy games.

Landlord is currently viewed as one of the best economic strategy games, but it wasn’t created only to be a nice toy. The games advanced economic system allows you to benefit from everyday playing, because it’s able to push your personal abilities and skills to the next level and develop all the skills necessary to become a real life estate tycoon. Landlord Tycoon transforms the world into a giant board game and allows you to become a powerful strategy tycoon in the world of real estate! Landlord is the biggest mobile tycoon on the market with millions of players worldwide. Ready for a management game challenge? Start your real estate journey by buying corner shops in your neighborhood, make a profit on them and move forward, until you can acquire the most famous landmarks in the world.